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Technical Support
  • There are three kinds of binder systems of the Precision casting technique: sodium silicate (NazO.mSIO2.nH2O), ethyl silicate (C2H5O) 4Si and silica Sol (H2SiO3).

  • Both of the Silica Sol Precision Casting and Stainless Steel Casting are the Precision Investment Castings. The fire safety work should be paid more attention in the step of wax pattern for Silica Sol Precision Casting. In fact, each step in the

  • There are 3 kinds of wax systems of the Precision Casting: low temperature wax material, medium temperature wax material & high temperature wax material.

  • For the needed mechanical, physical & chemical property during the precision casting , Except the selection of suitable materials and various techniques, heat treatment is essential.

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