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Technical Support
Three Wax Material Systems

Precision Casting Technique

There are 3 kinds of wax systems of the Precision Casting: low temperature wax material, medium temperature wax material & high temperature wax material.

1. Low temperature wax is mainly a wax base pattern material. It’s melting point is lower than 70 degrees and is mainly used for small pieces and parts with low size and surface requirements, paste die and recycling. It is usually in conjunction with sodium silicate binder, dewaxing with hot water.

2. Medium temperature wax is a Rosin—wax base pattern material with the padding material. Its melting point is 70~100degrees and mainly used for parts with higher dimension and surface requirements, paste or liquid application. It can be reused and dewaxed via steam or microwave.

3. High temperature wax is a rosin—plastic base pattern material with plastic or base materials. Its melting point is higher than 100 degrees and mainly used for medium and large production. It has the characteristic of good thermal stability and small contraction. But this pattern material cannot be reused. And the dewaxing is through flash-cooking, water, acidic water or organic solvent, thus in the high costs.