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Precision Investment Casting Notice

Both of the Silica Sol Precision Casting and Stainless Steel Casting are the Precision Investment Castings. The fire safety work should be paid more attention in the step of wax pattern for Silica Sol Precision Casting. In fact, each step in the Precision Casting must be carefully operated, in order to avoid even a small mistake, which may leads to the disqualification of all kinds of metal casting & stainless steel casting parts.

Let's first simply introduce the do’s and don’ts in the wax pattern in the Silica Sol Precision casting.

Casting Wax Pattern Steps
1. uring the wax pattern process, the initial workpiece must befirse examined and then operated after the confirmation. You cannot change the pattern specification any more during the process.

2. Be sure to clarify the pattern assembly & disassembly sequence and the method to take out the wax pattern when using the new pattern.

3. When storing the wax patterns, please pay attention to the direction of the mold to prevent the deformation. Please apply hand tools such as clamping apparatus & fixtures when necessary, thus avoiding the deformation of wax patterns

4. Every term workers make 2-3 pieces of shrinkage samples. And to test the shrinkage rate after cooling down and to keep the record.

5. To release the remaining residual wax in wax tanks before going off the duty, keep the scrap wax patterns and waste of wax clean, put into the waste of wax box and send to the Wax Treating Department in time.

6. Don't keep the hands on pattern or move the hands underneath the Rated-locking mesa and no single hand for button operation to prevent safety accidents.

7. A good job for fire safety prevention measures must be done in the Wax pattern workshop.