Zhuji HYozma Import & Export Co.Ltd.

  • High quality, ferrous & non-ferrous, investment castings
  • Precision Investment Castings
  • Lost Wax Castings

Investment castings in Steel, Aluminum and Copper alloys for aerospace, defense, auto parts, medical, electronic and precision engineering applications


We understand, quality is the most important factor of the factory to survive. So from the very beginning of the establishment, we are in persistently pursuit of the strategy of honesty and trustworthiness through continuous improvement and innovation.

Quality castings demand strict production procedures, rigorous quality control and the best inspection facilities – all of which can be found in HYozma Castings, along with a wealth of experience in the production of investment cast components. The established policy of HYozma Castings is to provide products of consistently high quality, fit for their intended purpose and to be delivered in conformance with the agreed specifications.

We also deliver on our Quality through our continuous flow manufacturing process and ongoing cross-training of our personnel. Incremental improvements in processes and in the skill of the people who manufacture your parts lead to measurable increases in overall quality, time to manufacture and ultimately to lower overall cost to build and deliver your parts.

We invite you to discover what so many already know: HYozma Precision Casting delivers quality investment cast parts on-time.

FACILITIESThe most comprehensive facilities in HYozma Castings:

  • Three-dimensional co-ordinate measuring; shadowgraph projector.
  • X-Ray ; real-time x-ray
  • Dye Penetrant; magnetic flaw detection
  • Spectrographic analysis; mechanical testing; metallography
  • Heat-treatment for steels and aluminum
  • Rapid Prototyping – 3D Systems Thermojet Printer
  • Machining facilities - CNC & conventional