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Straight Sock Toe Linking Machine HY-636
Straight Sock Toe Linking Machine HY-636
  • Straight Sock Toe Linking Machine HY-636
  • Article No: HY-636
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1. Less friction, balanced and reduced moving masses and automatic perfect lubrication allow the model HY-636 a higher speed. There is virtually no wear of the components with long service life.
2. The absence of vibrations, the noiseless operation, and the very low power consumption combined with high speed and seam quality make the machine model HY-636 the ideal working place as far as performance, productivity and ergonomics are concerned.
3. Automatic edge trimming device, available to uniform and trim the sock seam;
4. Reversible feeding device, easy for cleaning yarn; Built-in automatic lifting device guaranteeing the balanced movement of the “conveyor-transport” , together with the perfect stitch formation at any speed, the major accuracy in the sock toe seam assured.
5. Optical fiber sensing delay function for feeding, set the delay length in line with the different speeds so as to effectively control the seam waste.
6. Gears replaceable to adjust the sewing density.
7. Double-head sewing, making socks more firm and trim.
8. Can be connected to HYozma fully electronic sock turner ; Possibility of customized programs.

1. Step Speed Adjustment, Max. 3900 RPM
2. Yield: 800 Pairs/Hour
3. Rated Voltage:220V
5. Power:570W(Air Blower 370W,Machine:200W)
6. Approx. N.W.:70kg G.W.:118kg
7. Packing Dimension:98*48*132 (cm)