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Plain & Terry Sock Knitting Machine
Plain & Terry Sock Knitting Machine
  • Plain & Terry Sock Knitting Machine
  • Article No: HY-6F-343
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1. One main feed plus five pattern feeds. 
2. Possibility of 13 color plus ground in the same course.
3. Drumless, fully electronic control system
4. Exclusive inner cam block system for high speed.
5. Stepping motor for elastic yarn and stitch cam control.
6. Electro-pneumatic yarn finger and cam control
7. Pattern Depth up to 1,200 courses.
8. Multiple stop motion sensors in case of error.
9. Automatic re-cycling oil,counter,and reset function.
10. Attached floppy disk driver(Compatible with MS-DOS and WINDOWS)
11. Available in 220/380/415V.3phase 50/60HZ.
12. Fully A.C Servo motor adopted.
13. Minimized and easy operating function.
14. Battery back-up to protect stored program.
15. Internal UPS can support continuous knitting.
16. Graphic type LCD adopted.
17. Apply the technique of double picher point and double down picker, making the running of stocking toe and heel steadier.
18. Auto-testing, error sensors, such as broken yarn, broken needle,etc. self-protection system adopted 
19. To guarantee easy operations, USB faucet adopted for easy to process the data.


Diameter: 3.75 inch
Needles: 84-168N
Speed: 280-300 RPM/min
300 RPM/min for plain; 280 RPM/min for terry
Power: Drive Motor: 1KW; Fan Motor: 0.75 kw; Control Box: 0.8kw
Net Weight: 300KG Gross Weight: 350KG
Output: 250-300 Pairs / Day
Packing: 76cmx110cmx165cm 1.38CBM

1- Various design socks
2- Half terry
3- Full terry
4- Design in elastic part
5- Y-Heel
6- Heel in elastic part
7- Selectionable terry socks
8- Tight -Automatic stitch control
9- Wrist band
10- Tube socks (Having elastic part)
11- .Any colour in the heel