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Pantyhose Knitting Machine HY-04MJ
Pantyhose Knitting Machine HY-04MJ
  • Pantyhose Knitting Machine HY-04MJ
  • Article No: HY-04MJ
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For women’s Series (Single cylinder)
Single cylinder, 4 feed machine for the production of pantyhose: mesh and plain fabric, patterned “Jacquard/ Twill and Bikini”

Electro-pneumatic single-cylinder machine with 4 feeds+2 additional feeds for the
Pattern and 6 electronic needle-needle pattern drums.

5 yarn fingers with dual pneumatic control for each knitting feed, one motorized plating yarn finger with dual pneumatic control for angular movement to set height and depth. 2 yarn fingers for each extra pattern feed.

Stitch-cams motorized for gradual stitch narrowing or widening in any part of the sock and even on the same course.

Pantyhose option with 2 feeds, 3 colors each course, cut boss (jacquard relief-cut boss)

Single or double dial jacks


Electronic device to maintain the size at any temperature of the machine

HY-04MJ < 400 needles >Latch 7mm – max speed 800 rpm (the maximum speed obtainable depends on various factors, e.g. Yarns, stitch’s types, lubricant etc.)
Double-purpose anti-twist device: rotary or fixed
Suction control valve programmable for infinite variability
6 pliers’ suction month / 4 knives and extra cleaning air blow
8 sensors yarn sliding control
2 step motors sinker cap (1 motor for angular movement-1 motor for sinker pressure)
5 dual control yarn fingers plus 1 motorized plating yarn finger each feed. 2 yarn fingers for 3 extra feeds---total 30 yarn fingers
Motorized stitch cams
Forced and “drip-fed” lubrication for needles and sinkers
Yarn Creel
The sock ejection filter
Cut yarn recovery filter
High resolution color display
Extra latch-opener for open-work
Valve at 1 or 2 suction points