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6-Branch Stainless Steel Manifold set
6-Branch Stainless Steel Manifold set
  • 6-Branch Stainless Steel Manifold set
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1/2" PE-RT/PEX adapters are included by default. For other size adapters (free upgrade).

6-branch Radiant Heat Manifold Set with1/2" PE-RT/PEX adapters (Supply and Return pair).including 1/2" PE-RT/PEX manifold adapters.

This set is typical for radiant floor heating applications in area with a total of 125—155 sq.meters of space, when used together with 1/2’’ PE-RT/PEX tubing.

Comes pre-assembled and the following components are optional:

(1) Supply side stainless steel PE-RT/PEX manifold w/ (6) adjustable flow meters (indicators) and (6) PE-RT/PEX tubing outlets. 
Flow meters allow to monitor the flow of water through every manifold's branch.

(1) Return side stainless steel PE-RT/PEX manifold w/ (6) balancing valves and (6) outlets for PE-RT/PEX tubing.
Balancing valves allow to balance the radiant heating system and are used to regulate the flow of water through manifold's branches.
Shut-off ball valves (1/4-turn) color coded handles and built-in replaceable thermometers. - one for supply manifold and one for return.
Allow to service the system and monitor supply (incoming) and return (outgoing) water temperatures.
(2) Temperature gauges on both manifolds to monitor supply and return water temperatures.
(1)/(2) Air vents to eliminate air from the system.
Air vent are used to eliminate the air from the radiant heating system, prevent air traps and enhance overall performance.
(2) Drain/fill valves, used to purge/fill the radiant heating system.
(12) Compression-style adapters for 1/2" PE-RT/PEX tubing are included - no purchase necessary. Other size adapters can be purchased separately.
(2) Manifold mounting brackets with bolts.
Superior bracket design offsets the radiant heat manifolds from the wall and allows for easy access and fast installation.

Technical specifications & compatibility:
Total number of PE-RT/PEX outlets: 12;
Compatible with all types and brands of PE-RT/PEX tubing.

OEM NO HYozma No.

Radiant floor heating systems:
Reinforced Concrete Slabs - garages, warehouse, storage and manufacturing facilities);
Non-Reinforced Gypsym or Thermal Mass Slabs / Thin Slabs - radiant heating floors in residential construction;
Staple-up Systems: stapled to the bottom of the subfloor between joists - with or without heat tranfer plates;
"Sandwich" Systems: installed between the subfloor and finished floor - with or without heat transfer plates.
Snow and ice melting systems:
Snow melting systems for driveways, walkways; roof deicing applications.