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Green casting

Recent years, though our precision casting industry has made an outstanding progress, it has not formed its own main competitive advantages because of its technology development level limit. All of this lead that we couldn’t achieve a stable position in the international market even with much impediments in foreign market.

As is known to all, the 12th five-year plan has drawn a beautiful blueprint for our precision casting industry, but more should be noted is that as an important part in the national economy, Transformation has become the inexorable after entering the 12th five-year. The development situation with the theme of “green casting” has been rising already, which also marks that our casting industry has put more emphasis on the qualitative leap from the quantity growth in our country.

Many experts and professionals in the precision casting industry point out, in order to make our casting industry rise rapidly and occupy the international market, It should form its own main competitive advantages and possess its unique characteristics that the other casting parts in other countries don’t have. Only, our casting industry can get a better development.