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HYozma Precision Molded Parts


Horizontal and Vertical machine types allow split-line or conventional feed for either small or large volume production at competitive prices. We have the capacity to mould and overmould a huge range of plastic parts. Post-operations such as CNC machining, printing and kitting are managed completely.


Where the demands of the application require a machined surface(s), we offer a fully comprehensive in-house machining capability for both plastic and metals.

HYozma has an extensive range of latest-generation CNC machinery combined with a highly skilled workforce. Our ability to respond to a variety of machining requirements, as well as our short lead-time, has helped us build a dedicated team who respond to both in-house plastic machining and third party machining for metals.


HYozma’s extensive secondary operation process capabilities include a wide range of component assembly operations.
We also support these operations with the testing for required properties.


With our assembly facility we offer the service for kitting to your requirements, not only plastic or metallic components but any items that require to be bought in from approved suppliers.