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Why Investment Casting?
  • High quality, ferrous & non-ferrous, investment castings
  • Precision Investment Castings
  • Lost Wax Castings

Investment castings in Steel, Aluminum and Copper alloys for aerospace, defense, auto parts, medical, electronic and precision engineering applications


Investment Castings reduce the High Cost of your machined parts, weldments, fabrications and assembled mechanical components by as much as 30 to 50%... From simple to complex shapes, Investment Castings provide you with the ideal solution for both your prototype and production requirements (whether high or low volumes).

Investment Casting Benefits

Enjoy the benefits of investment casting such as greater design freedom (complex intricate shapes easily cast - assemblies cast as one part), greater investment casting alloy selection (over 150 non ferrous and ferrous alloys to choose from; select an alloy that best suits your investment casting application), improved surface finishes and a greater opportunity for cost and weight reduction. Investment castings, also known as lost wax investment castings, the design and the performance of your mechanical component parts.

HYozma Precision offers Flexible Order Quantities (Rapid Prototypes) . Small Quantity Runs - 5 to 25 pieces and High Volume), 
Service (Quick Responsive Lead time, On time Delivery, and Superior Investment Casting Engineering Support), Quality (Mechanical component parts produced that meet if not exceed your requirements), Cost Reduced, and Single Source Responsibility (one source to provide your parts complete).

From aluminum investment castings  to low alloy investment castings to stainless steel investment castings, HYozma Precision has the alloy  that will best meet your needs.

Send us a print or e-mail us your CAD file of your machined part, weldment or fabrication and let us demonstrate to you how investment castings can save your money and improve the quality of your mechanical component parts.