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From Prototype to Production
  • High quality, ferrous & non-ferrous, investment castings
  • Precision Investment Castings
  • Lost Wax Castings

Investment castings in Steel, Aluminum and Copper alloys for aerospace, defense, auto parts, medical, electronic and precision engineering applications


Investment casting provides the ideal manufacturing methodology for delivering high quality precision components whether for prototypes or production. The nature of investment casting provides an opportunity to deliver repeatable & high quality cast parts in quantities that are simply not possible using other production methods, especially for parts with complex or intricate features. In the past, manufacture of complex parts required either time consuming, material wasting machining or expensive and difficult to duplicate weldments. Typically, neither of these methods has proven to be cost effective for prototype or production quantities required by demand driven manufacturing companies.

HYozma Precision Casting is able to reduce the high cost of machined, fabricated or welded parts by as much as 50% through our precision investment casting and workflow methodologies, while delivering close linear tolerances of ±0.005 inch per inch and machined like surfaces averaging 125 RMS (ranging from 100-190 RMS based on specific alloy). We’re able to deliver production quantities on time and prototype metal parts typically within 7 days.

Our capabilities are achieved through our implementation of continuous flow manufacturing coupled with our vast experience with investment casting. Find out exactly what you can gain by allowing HYozma Precision Casting to quote your next project!