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Faster to Market
  • High quality, ferrous & non-ferrous, investment castings
  • Precision Investment Castings
  • Lost Wax Castings

Investment castings in Steel, Aluminum and Copper alloys for aerospace, defense, auto parts, medical, electronic and precision engineering applications

Faster to Market

HYozma Precision Casting is the investment casting partner of choice for high-quality parts delivered on time.

  • Shorter lead times
  • Smaller economical order quantities
  • Lower manufacturing costs
  • Improved customer profitability
  • Increased customer cash flow

Continuous Flow Manufacturing is a manufacturing philosophy and process we embrace at HYozma Precision to provide for quick dependable deliveries.

When you call to make a change in your order, we have the flexibility to modify our production flow to keep delivering the high quality, low cost, on-time lost-wax investment castings.

As part of our continuous flow manufacturing, HYozma Precision Casting provides in-house CNC machining and outside operations such as plating, painting and other finishing operations to deliver a final product that always meets or exceeds your expectations.

Our commitment is to your satisfaction and when on-time delivery is critical, HYozma Precision Casting is the best choice for your next project.

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