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HYozma Culture

Core Philosophy: People Oriented, You-God, Oceanic-MindPeople Oriented: We follow the time spirit of the society, respect people, serve people and develop people. We inspire the passion of innovation and we are pragmatic and progressive, so as to expand larger development space for our staff.
You-God: We keep our promise of faith. We are genuine, honest and true and we do our best to guarantee the specialized, elaborate and humanized service quality so as to provide more value experience for our clients.
Oceanic-Mind: We attach critical importance on our own self-examination, correcting mistakes if we have made any and guarding against them if we have not. And we can constantly study, innovate and surpass ourselves so as to allow us to be all-inclusive and learn from others’ strong points.

Business Strategy: Active to be Innovative, Zealous to Be Excellent, Modest to March Active to be Innovative: We should constantly improve and innovate------product innovation, technology innovation and service innovation.
Zealous to Be Excellent: Maintain the enterprise strong and perfect in a professional and dedicated attitude. Keep the enterprise sustainable with a precision and enough effort.
Modest to March: March and progress continuously in full of humility; Forge ahead consistently with lower attitude.

Quality Management: Under Promise…Over PerformanceWe put quality the life of our enterprise and we’re ready to pursue products perfection and customer satisfaction with originality, perseverance & excellence!

Team Spirit: No Perfect Individual, Only Perfect TeamAllow different opinion clash and collision to ignite the passion of innovation.
Allow all members in their respective position to realize self-fulfillment, thus igniting the passion of dedication.
Allow the team spirit to be the intrinsic motivation to ignite the passion of working and cooperation.

Mission: To Be a Premium Industrial Corporation; To Create a New Era of Green Trade

  • Precision Manufacturing
  • Secure Piping System
  • Secure Automotive System
  • Conducting our business in a safe, environmentally sustainable and economically optimum manner

Vision: Sun@Earth, HYozma@World